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Welcome to UniVerse: A United Nations of Poetry. Our anthology and public programs encourage universal dialogue, compassion and peace. Enjoy our archive of visionary poets and “Teach This Poem,” our free, interactive teaching tool featuring engaging questions and writing exercises.

We hear that the world is shrinking as technology and commerce create speedier global communication, but poetry helps ensure that our contracting world does not become a homogeneity of small thoughts, small hearts, and small spirits. Through war and peace, hunger and prosperity, poetry tells the story of what it means to be human.

Poets comprise an international community practicing sensitivity in desensitized times. By writing and reading poems, one participates in the faith that truth-telling will lead to healing and growth; that the practice of pure intention will create peace; and that there will be someone, somewhere, listening.

We celebrate this belief. UniVerse publishes lauded poets alongside under-recognized refugee poets and poets writing in marginalized nations. Some of our contributors write poems to preserve the stories and colors of their culture; some craft boldly individual works. Their voices combine the singular and the collective, and their lives demonstrate courage and compassion.

We thank them for their poems. Each is a glimpse of the human world and an invitation into an honest and intimate relationship. And we know that the universe expands whenever we deepen our relationships.

Please join us as a reader, educator, contributor, patron. Your donations are tax deductible and your participation is deeply appreciated.

Peace, prosperity, poetry for all,

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